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Have you ever thought about what feelings of awe really are? Since I started to travel and paint over one and half decades ago, I often think about those coincidences the nature creates in front of me. From the first cave drawing 40,000 years ago, or first myth somebody wrote, people have been trying to solve this riddle.


       One day, I stopped by at a gas stand near the Grand Canyon North rim and grabbed some cookies, walking around to check the view of outside of the road. It was a sunny afternoon, blue sky and beautiful breezes from the south. I was looking forward to hear the wind at the Point Imperial. ---All of the sudden, I felt a strong emotion from my behind and a gust wind passed by me, so I turned. What I saw was big dark clouds crawling towards me but without scaring me out.  The awe feeling I had at the moment was friendly but severe, like as if a lion was walking towards me but somehow I could totally trust that he does not attack me this time. Rather than that, he was trying to entwine with my feelings and resonate his emotion with mine. I stood up and tried to understand what the feeling was, and when I noticed, I was scrabbling a pencil onto my sketchbook.


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